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If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it…
now quiet!
They’re about to announce the lottery numbers

A profound and prolific Danish writer, Soren Aabve Kierkegaard once said that “life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”. I think we all try to live life forward each day; but once in a while we need to reflect, unwind and just think. It was on one such day a couple of years ago that I decided to step back and look at my 20+ professional career and bring it all together some how in one place. So, in the spring of 2009, I launched so that the people I work with, want to work with or just the “curious” can find samples of my work with one easy click.

The three multi-colored dots being juggled by a cartoon-like version of myself represents three “areas” of my professional life so I divided the site into three sections: Amster-Young Public Relations which highlights my work at the helm of my eponymous agency from 1992-2003; my current Strategic Marketing—PR Consulting work and finally, my freelance Writing section where I have fun interviewing some great people and especially ranting and raving in various first-person columns. The juggling also represents what we are all trying to do each and every day: manage careers, family, and life so I am glad you are taking a minute to visit this site. I hope now that I’ve put it all in one place it will work not only as a simple way to view samples of my work and highlights of my career but also a way to interact with others via my Blogs which is in the works for later this year. Hopefully, new things will be added frequently so that it reflects a growing body of work that may be of interest to one or many.

OK, so now let me go check those lottery numbers…